Tue, 12/07/2021 - 18:09 -- JPGeo

Far off sounds

Those distant sounds

You lie awake at night and hear

The train crossing miles and miles away

Its rocking cars and blaring horn cutting the night air

When there’s no competing noise


Far off sounds, those distant sounds

I lay just barely awake and hear

The motorcycle winding out each shifting gear

Its whining engine defiant for its size

When there are no other sounds to rival


Daytime noise surrounds us

The world an ever-constant din

Look up and chances are you’ll see a plane

Without noticing the whirring of the props

But in the quiet of the night you lay awake

Those same whirring waves are on a mission to your ears


The darkness is mysterious

When the busy hive of life is still

Those distant sounds bring solace

Knowing the hive will wake come morning and tonight

Some bees drive trains, ride motorcycles, fly planes



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