Far From Okay (What poetry means to me)

I'm far from okay,

But at the sight of a blank page, my fingers are flying across the keys.

Turning tears into words, and finding a peace long forgotten, poetry.

I'm in a wheelchair, most things aren't fair, but poetry is an even playing field.

Allowing me to let go of bitterness and jealousy, heal.

Poetry focuses on what's in my head, instead of my legs.

I have one super power, and that is words.

They heal every hurt.

It's the one thing my disability can't take away,

One part of me that never breaks, isn't broken.

With poetry my thoughts are beautifully spoken, I'm beautiful.

Simple things, small victories, become meaningful.

I can't do a lot of things, but through poetry I am free.

That's what poetry and being a poet, means to me......

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