Far from a friend


JROTC is where I met you

I was low-key about to drop that class but then I encountered you

Down for 5 years but it seems like 10

The only person I can hard down argue with and be cool with again

I believe it's because you're far from a friend



Yeah, You are a energizer bunny

Your attitude can be crucial

But, you are the kindest person 

You are far from artifical 

When you mad, I'm mad

when you sad, i'm sad

That's because you're far from a friend


TJ calls you "hot head"

Chelle calls you "crazy"

I call you my Ride or Die

Because I know you gone push if the wheels fall off

That's because you're far from a friend


On this road to success

I've lost plenty

I've lost contact with most

But, you still around, that's because you are authentic

For every fight, or verbal disagreement

You were right by my side 

When I slip well, you know to slide

That's because you are more then a friend


When I said I was leaving for college

You were the saddest, even though you understood why

You was mad because I was leaving that ass 

You FT me every chance you get

Just so we can laugh

When homeboy at BK wouldn't leave me alone

You bullied his ass

That's because you are more then a friend


I don't need to say I love you

You already know I do

No need to get sentimental, 

You know if I got it you got it too

I'll never switch on you

That aint what real ones do

It's your birthday, so I had to write one dedicated to you

Afterall, You are more then a friend


This poem is about: 
My family


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