Fantasy Land

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:24 -- jbaiza


Many men make appearences
But to the naked eye
All have the same voices
Could just one man be a lie?

When you're near
He never calls
When he calls
You're never near.

Constant consealment of identity
Leads to simple questions
Yet you beg for my serenity
Which only leads to more questions.

Even hospital policy
Does not allow in any case fallacy
To go right home
When the head has taken a blow.

Yes, it was nice to think of fantasy land
For a short while
But as all dreams do
Through the cracks they sift like sand.

Goodbye cliche fairytale
With your knights in shining armor
And your prince charmings
When in reality they both fail.

Goodbye riches and fame
But it is you I truly blame
Men indeed you truly appease
Blinding them from your disease.

Goodbye restored hope most longed for
How I will miss thee and adore
But as previous experience lingers
I've done it all before.

All seems like a grandiose scam
All presicely planned
What an eloquent and wonderful alibi
I truly wish it weren't a lie

My Fantasy Land


Written by Jessica Baiza


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