A Family United


From today's family, mine is different 

And I think that is quite funny 

So many families lack unity 

But my family stands strong with faith 

and we find comfort in our Father 


My family give thanks to the Father 

And because of that people treat us different 

Worrying about their judgement, there were struggles 

But now we look back and think thats funny 

Because without faith, there can be no basis for unity 


The hardest thing for a family is unity 

The lesson must be taught by the father 

Leaders of the house must know the meaning of faith 

If he does, his life will be different 

Even though at the beginning, it might seem funny 

If the base is set, there will be no more struggles 


Even my family went through struggles 

We had problems wih trust and unity 

And I thought, thats not funny 

I was slowly losing my father 

My family was not so different 

Even with our faith 


My father was losing faith 

Our problems became growing struggles 

To each other we became so different 

The teaching from my father 

Nothing was ever funny 


But something funny 

When my father found renewed faith 

You can see the new expression on the face of my father 

Then the problems disappeared so did the struggles 

Through time he reparied our unity 

Then we did not look different to each other


Things might be different to you but take it seriously, not funny 

All familes must practice unity and faith 

And struggles in the family can be solved by your Father


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