Family ties: The lens through my personal microscope


When I was born, both of my parents

Would always say that I HAVE NO LIFE.

So when they said this to me

I wanted to kill them with a knife.


I have one brother and two sisters

That treated me like a lil’ kid.

I always felt pressure to rebel

So that is exactly what I did.


My cousins were big fat brats

And got anything they desired.

So when they became older

They got lazy and it backfired.


My aunts and uncles were very strict

And they didn’t let their kids go out.

This hindered their children

Since they dunno know what the world’s about.


When my nephew was just 5 years old

He always liked to punch and kick me.

Because he was a young boy

His mom sometimes said just let it be.


My paternal grandfather hated small talk

Because he thought it was all bullshit.

So when he told me to hush

Our discussion ended in a fit.


All these family members can make me angry

But I don’t really hate anyone.

I may not agree with everything they say

But still love them when it’s said and done.


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