Family Ties

Tue, 09/22/2020 - 10:29 -- G'nova

From time to time
Inside this heart of mine 

I stare into the mirror 
To see clear 

For the very first time 
In the depths of my obscure mind

I’d take a glimpse into the past 
From when I first felt this aching crack  

It first began when I was six 
Down in my depressive slumps, I called my pits

Where I danced with the darkness 
Having no grooves within the carpet

I believed I’d fell 

But it was hard to tell 

With the harsh abyss
Shallowing my physical sense 

I thought I would lose myself again 
When I could no longer call myself my friend 

My family came 
Straight to my aid 

Lifting me up like a high-strung mountain
In a time of unrelenting drowning 

It was then I learned how fortunate I was
Because not every child has a household filled with love

A place where you can fall out of shape 
And know for sure that you’ll be safe 

Is a special something 
That everyone and everything 

Should have 
Is the unbound love from mom and dad 




This poem is about: 
My family



pure talent !


Thanks fam much loved and right back at you ! I love your work :)

KatDog494 just made me cry. I too have had my fair share of depressive episodes - and I know it is not fun. I was lucky too to have a family that was there for me, and would talk no matter how awkward or embarassed I felt. Family is forever, cheesy but true. You are a talented poet and I enjoy your work. Keep Writing!  :)


Lmao aww thanks I'm glad was able to relate to you and sorry for the late message. I was feeling blue for a minute but I'm ok now.

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