Family Ties

Pause that moment for me.

Stop the clock and rewind,

To when the three brothers wrestled

Without a fuss.

Pause for awhile.


Pause that moment for me.

Go back a second to when the oldest brother

Stopped me and asked if I was alright

As the tears hit the floor.

Pause for moment.


Pause that moment for me.

Rewind to when the middle brother

Asked for me to sit next to him.

Why hadn’t I said yes?

Pause so I can say yes.


Pause that moment for me.

Take the hand of time and take me

To when the littlest brother just wanted

To play. Let me go back, shut down the system

And pause mid throw.


Pause that moment for me.

Click that button so I can

Cuddle with my little sister,

With her head on my shoulder.

Pause so I won’t lose you.


How time flies when you grow,

And how the moments go.

But I can’t rewind.

And I can’t keep you here.

But maybe I can pause and savor the now. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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