Family ties


Lake Orion MI.
141 Four Seasons Dr.
United States
38° 4' 45.0084" N, 78° 29' 10.2516" W

In the absence,
a state of mind is created to thwart,
a powerful enemy one faces toward his creators.
Although blood is entangled within a knot of memories.

We pull the rope,
as if pulling the logs that weigh the lament of our minds.
A strong structure will endure 
A mind is the frame within the future.

The tug, the fight, the sweat,
each action more blood is wasted.
It has lost the meaning and emotionality.
Where did the memories take a turn?

Thousands of falanges lash out to grasp
a weaping tear that turns its mirror
and reflects the sun of a once black night.
In the light, hypocrisy is the hero.

Obliged to endure,
the cat only has nine lives,
if only the one life could be replenished,
save face for the conflict.

Indefinite reactions, unequal judgements
the louder voice turns a deaf ear.
Shivers run through the veins,
a cold feeling arises.

Untainted and unsatisfied,
a path is forged to survive.
Redemption is neccessary,
Honor is forever.

The pride of a soul
carries the largest sword
it weighs deeply within the flesh,
a man simply cannot relinquish.

Vanguards and wizards spend hours,
explaining constantly,
Buzzing senseless information,
like swimming in gelatin.

As the Fairman once said,
work to die, live to be timeless.
A cold shoulder,
frostbites in the end.

The secular path is abroad within emotions.
A path chosen, is unchangeable.
Changing the moons tide shifts,
and bridges will be built again.

Respect and Honor are commended, 
relish in the solace of the voice,
and anger the beasts within.
But after the battle, care for that beast.

Let go, it is a double edged sword,
Cut out the heart, savor the love.
The beasts will learn respect,
just as they taught you in the battle.



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