Family Sestina

I will always adore my big family.

Always receiving many hugs

Seeing my mom-mom’s beautiful face,

And eating her delicious food

Is something I will remember. I can never wait for a family get-together.

The best feeling in the world is all their love.


We all give up our love,

To each other, because we’re a family.

There’s never a day when we don’t want to be together.

Always longing for each other’s hugs,

And eating delicious Spanish food

That puts a smile on every single face.


Sometimes there isn’t a smile on every ones’ face,

But we fix that with our love.

A good fix is usually food,

Which is always consumed by the whole family.

And when it’s time to say goodbye, we give out many hugs.

But we know next week we’ll once again be together.


We’re always happy when we’re together,

Showing laughter on all of our faces,

Giving embracing and warming hugs,

Passing on each others’ love.

I’ve never seen a stronger family

Than ours, who are also so obsessed with food.


When we sit and eat all the food,

We enjoy our precious time together.

Eating dinner as a big happy family,

Expressions of joy on every face

And many expressions of love,

Always holding on to those lasting hugs.


Never wanting to let go of those hugs,

After sharing lots and lots of food.

I never knew so much love

Could be shared by so many people together

In one room. The look on every ones’ face

Reminds me that I have the best family


Never let go of your family, or their hugs.

Make sure you put a smile on each other’s face, and share tons of food

And when you’re together, always show how you want to give and receive lots of love. 

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