A Family Man

When the morning breaks I kiss my wife,

My laces slither through my boots’ loops,

I slide the stiff sleeves of my uniform on,

My baby boyis laughing and bouncing on my knee as I eat my breakfast,

My head is pounding, pounding, pounding,

What will I have to do today?

I do it all for my family,

Orders are orders.


Another raid of Jews,

My head is pounding, pounding, pounding,

I see the fear in their eyes as I hold the rifle like a soulless monster,

A little boy separated from his family,

To think that I am the one causing the terror in their hearts,

The same man who made a child laugh is making one cry,

In my mind I can only wonder how anyone could love me,

After today I won’t be able to even look myself in the eye.


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