To the family I love

My family, will you love me the same knowing that I am different?

Mom, will you still smile at me knowing that I am not that perfect daughter you wanted?

Dad, “I believe in a different religion.”— Will that stop you from hugging me?

My family, “I love regardless of age, race, and gender.”— Will that cause you all to shun me?


I smile with you, even if it is hollow and fake.

I laugh with you, even if it is forced at times.

I care for you, even when I shouldn’t.


No matter how many times you throw me under the bus and treated like a black sheep,

No matter how many times my voice is drowned out by your inflamed arrogance,

No matter how many times you threaten and frighten me,

I will still be here for you.

I will still care and love you, even if you disown me and treat me less than a human being.


And here I though I was strong for you all, even if you all hurt me with their verbal abuse.

But honestly— I'm not strong.

I cry myself to sleep at times because I have no one,

No one who listens to me the way I do with you.


I don't want to be a nuisance to those I love,

So I will continue to grin and bare it,

I will continue this sad masquerade,

And hope to be loved in return like I love you.



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