A Family of Hope



I am from faith and freedom.

I live from where the mountains unravel,

To where the sunset falls.

Her majestic colors never appear in uniform,

But flow, being breathed out of the sky.

Autumn mimics her colors as they overachieve the sun.


I am from asylums and aspens.

I live on sopa and fresh made green chili.

The comfort of our lake revives my Ego.

Pulsating its heart like a drum.

I can see the top of Perdernal.

His beauty covers me while I forget about my worries.


I am from depression and divorce.

I live on the tears of my mother’s pain,

From the start to no end.

The sound of the door slammed shut,

 As it silences my father’s footsteps.

No longer would dinner be served as a family,

But in a cold fire.


I am from Santa Fe.

I live off of my Grandfathers dream.

The dream that will never stop growing.

My love.

My heart.

My soul.

Comes from his pride.

My future will always be bright,

His heart will take me anywhere I go.

Even if it can’t take him.


I am from adoption.

I live from a different kind of love.

A love that cannot be expressed by “I love yous” and kisses.

Only seen by the grateful eyes of a true mother.

Dripping down her face in gallons of love and care.


I am from success and school.

I live on Popcorn Fridays and morning breakfast Sundays.

The beauty of a mountain tall fort,

Packed high with hopes and perseverance.

NO darkness with ever penetrate our walls of power.


I am from family.

I live on nothing but respect.

You have taught me what and how.

There will never be a silence unheard.

There will never be a heart untouched.

But there will always be us,

A family of hope. 

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