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I’ve come to realize that there are few who stay.
I’ve got friends at school, but they’re not the same.
Nobody sees the struggle, nobody sees the pain.
There are only few who know the reckless thoughts in my
They see you hurt, they see you cry.
At the end of the day, they keep your head held high.
Sometimes I feel alone, and I just look right.
There’s a woman I’ve known forever, she’ll hold me tight
Sometimes I feel lost, and then I find him.
He gives me so much power, my chance of failure now slim.
Sometimes I feel weak, and then I look down.
She opens my eyes, I make her world go ‘round.
There are times in life where a lot is at stake,
But they’ll get me through it, what we have is not fake.
I’m different than others, I’ve learned a lot.
There a few little people who really keep you on top.
I know now that that there will be ups and downs,
But I also know they won’t let me drown.
It makes me feel unique, I know I’m not alone
I will always know, my family is my home.

This poem is about: 
My family


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