The Family


They were a loving family says the photos covering every inch of the wall, 

a small dog sleeps down in the living room while a growing boy slept upstairs,

you could tell the boy liked to hunt and play sports by the various posters and skins on the wall,

the boy was not a maid says the messy room.


Just down the hall a similiar but smaller brother lived in the odd room with the odd green carpet,

the kid loved band says the saxaphone and music pieces on the floor,

the summers were hot and miserable but the kid loved to fish says the worn out fishing pole,

telling by the closet he liked the color blue for that was the only color shirt there.


The parents lived in a small room downstairs,

she was a good cook says the peach and strawberry jam stored in the pantry,

they love the Lord says the Bible and scripture laying in their room,

he was a hard worker says all of the documents and papers on the dresser.



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