Familiar ?

Do you feel that? 

Do you recognize that empty feeling,
that familiar feeling?
The lump in your throat,
The trembling hands.
You know it well.
You know it well, because it's always there,
Rooted to the soil of your soul,
Awaiting the dam to break
So that the weeds can feed and..
and take over.
A clouded mind 
a clouded heart.
It hurts, doesn't it? 
It hurts because you now feel that
This time you aren't getting away,
this time
You're out of time
And time waits for no one.
So you'll be left behind, that
You'll feel it harder 
Than any other time
you let it go too far.
you began the garden with good intentions
and you overlooked
the weed.
Reap what you sow,
You know?
Do you feel that?
Do you recognize that empty feeling,
That familiar feeling? 
I look into our eyes and 
through the skin
(Press lightly, paper thin.) and
We wear the pain on our sleeves
For everyone to see.
But no one does.
You stare into the mirror
And whisper
We know it well.
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