Familia Latina

2016 was a year to remember,

as a son of immigrant parents Mr.Trump is my future and present.  I wish my family could be respected,  and my dreams could be reported, instead of deported, because this is why we cross the border.   I change in many ways, this is why nowadays I wish us Latino's could be celebrated like a holiday.   But not everything has been bad this year, my education has been better than immigration. It is unacceptable that I have come to realize that we live in an era of segregation.   I am surprised? I feel like I've been living in isolation.  Where did all this racism come from? It's worst than terrorism.   From all the bad things I have learn and this is why I've to say after 2016 my life won't be the same.  

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 



Con amor, para el mundo. 

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