I know this face, I know it well.

It's features make these sad eyes swell.

For fear of taunting and abuse,

I change myslef and become obtuse.

What game is this? I've never played.

But it's becoming too familiar, and it's all the same.


Dark rings and toner upon my face,

To keep from looking like a disgrace.

Who am I really? WHO AM I?

Do you know? 


Who cares, right?


The words that spill from my deceitful lips,

They are not mine, it is just mere tricks.

I want to be lke them, like HER!

No never...never again. 

She got to my head, yes I know it so

Now I think it best for me to go.


Be who you are and never look back,

There's not enough life to think in white and black.

Tis foolish to think that I would ever want to be, 

Anything but silly, plain ole' me.


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