False Dream

Last night in my sleep

I dreamt that I was being robbed at gunpoint

I looked at this dude

I ignored him like a boring professor providing a boring lecture

Next thing I knew I was shot in the head

I didnt see blood itself

But I felt the blood dripping from my head

As I was walking away from me being shot in the head

It felt like a slow motion when you watch a dramatic scene in a movie

Then I just woke up

I didn't wake up with a panic attack nor anxiety

I woke up calm Knowing that will not be my fate in Jesus name.

My fate is the be the g.o.a.t with a lower case g chasing the true G.O.A.T

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Thank God it is just a dream. Jesus will keep you safe.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

It was a dream
My Lord will always keep me safe
He is my source
Thank God for people like you to encourage
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I ran into every trap.
I stand as I'm staring back.
Reliving in decisions that are hidden from my consciousness.
Resisting all these demons I forbid them as my consequence.
Believing in what your seeing except reading equals commonsense.
The serpent misleading Eve in Eden needing to feed on God's accomplishments.
Meeting these odds and ends seemingly opposites.
Gave me the confidence to run for my father farther than I oughta as I follow him on water until my socks is wet.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Very creative
Love your expression
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U describe the nightmare swell. God will protect u and us all hopefully. Thumbs up!


pls Pleez do comment on my newest poem too, on the hereafter.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

God will always protect us

just believe and trust

thsnk you for the luv and support

Atowaso Sagata

A false dream good one it got me hooked, sadly there are others who live the dream. By God's grace we don't face the same struggle

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

By God's grace, we are alive and well

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