False Advertisement

"False Advertisement"
By Lynisha Arceus

The label reads
I can trust him
Cause he promise to treat me right
He promise to hold me at night Cause he's not like every other guy
His label claims
All those things
It says he will bring me joy
But he brought me pain
He didn't even wrap the dame thing
Receipts for two at places I never been to
Pic of topless chicks
Lipstick marks left by them
Signs of I am not the only one
who's tasting him
The warning label did not state this
He must be defective
How did I not detect this
It says I promise to bring you joy
But it brought me pain
They need to do a recall
Or revise it
Cause that is FALSE Advertisement!

That turned into a Stan
That no bleach nor tears from my eyes could wash away
A Stan that lays on the suffers
An eye sore


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