The Falls Of The Falling Leaves

The leaves are falling, dropping like melted ice.
It must be autumn, there is a spectacular show
Of red, yellow, and frosty foliage. Though it’s still nice
Weather-wise, in a heartbeat, we’ll see snow.

My beautiful cherry tree is getting sadder every day.
The little grass that exists on my lawn stopped growing.
The squirrels are busy stocking nuts next to the chimney.
Only the spiders seem happy trapping flies that are passing.

It must be autumn, the Halloween paraphernalia
And the turkeys are littering the lawn with fake cemeteries,
Statues of Dracula, mini-coffins, and pseudo dead bodies.

The leaves are falling as if the trees were tired and lazy.
People are walking faster and the elders are grumpy.
The leaves are yellow and ready to be recycled. Alas!Hebert LogerieNovember 2015   


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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