Falling In Love

Falling in love is awesome.

It is the endless laughs,

the ones that seem to get just a little louder

when falling in love.

It is the countless arguments about who’s going to pay for ice cream.

Telling a joke whether it’s funny or not,

just to see them smile or hear them laugh.

It is the butterflies you get every time you see them,

and it’s butterflies you get even more when you meet their family

for the first time.

It is clicking with someone,

and knowing you clicked with that person for a reason.

Falling in love is a feeling one cannot describe.

It is a jubilant, elated, exultant feeling.

It is driving away insecurities they both had,

all because they made each other feel completely alive.

When you’re in a room with hundreds of people,

but you only notice that one person.

That is the power of love.


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