Falling Greatness

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 17:04 -- KDooms

We Are Falling Greatness


Does that star-spangled banner still yet wave?

Can we still call ourselves the land of the free?

Can we still call ourselves the home of the brave?

When our golden luster becomes tarnished bronze


We Are Falling


We can no longer call ourselves great

When our minds fall behind

When we are divided by hate

When eagles turn into chickens


We Are


We fear the rest of the world

Shackled by money

Ruled by indecisiveness

Liberty that is just a statue and not an ideal




Are a nation of individuals

That used to be a great nation

We have lost what it means to be America

My eyes see a changing nation


We Can


This nation doesn’t have to change for the worse

We can change this nation for the better

It begins with us to change

To the land our ancestors believed in


We Can Raise


Change by rewarding those who seek knowledge

Unshackle ourselves from hate and fear of ourselves and the world by understanding

Help those who are poor

Through change we can become brave eagles


We Can Raise To


I see a nation that changing rapidly

Some of those changes are for the worse

It Is up to the people to make sure the changes are for the better

So that Star-spangled banner will wave


We Can Raise To Greatness

This poem is about: 
My country



This is for the America the Great?! Scholarship Slam. Plus its my first ever poem.

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