Falling Into a Book


Before I go to bed I always read a book
But as I was reading my whole body shook
I heard a loud rumble then closed my eyes
Thought this was a dream filled with demise
I opened them again and what did I see
The same black bear was staring at me
I got on my feet and started to run
Thinking to myself this is not fun
How will I escape from my mind that has suddenly become a zoo
I wish I had a clue
It was catching up to me I was in so much shock
My life was ticking down like a grandfather clock
I close my eyes and wish once more
For the bear to disappear or at least a special door
I trip and fall on my head thinking it's the end of my tour
Open my eyes clutching my pillow lying on my bedroom floor
Reading a book is when I feel anew
It is one of the few things I really love to do


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