On Falling ...

For some, failing is not an option.

For them, every race is the last, and if they fail, the fall is irreversible.

For them, the trust in their capabilities is not given, it has to be earned by every win.

They must keep climbing even if they keep getting devastating blows,

even if their insides are torn apart,

even if their hands bleed, they can not let go off the cliff.

When their bodies are being abused, they must learn to look away,

When their minds are broken into pieces, they must find the one that still works

When their souls are absorbing pain and anguish, they must contain and rise above them,

When their insides are so damaged that ending it all seems like a relief, they must ensure that they survive,

They need to do all that and more as they can not afford to fall,

No fall is ultimate and yet there are those for whom falling is not an option,

Having the freedom to fail, to fall, is a luxury not available to most.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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