Fallin' for Ty

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 12:59 -- Bug

I remember you well;
Your hazel eyes and all.
They burned with a rich fire,
I'm dying to recall.

You used to hold me tight,
In your arms safe and sure.
You'd caress my wild hair,
Then a kiss would occur.

You had a western drawl,
And a cute, lazy grin.
How I wish, my cowboy,
That you were here again.

I remember our love,
And how we hid it swell,
From my mom and my dad,
An no one'd ever tell.

I miss holding your hand,
So strong it made me feel.
Nothing could touch us then;
Our love they couldn't steal.

And now you've left me here;
Alone, afraid, and lost.
I'm still thinking of you,
And I'm suffering the cost.

I loved you dear Tyler;
You were more precious than gold.
You were my sweetest memory,
To it I'll tightly hold.

Maybe one day I'll give to you,
This poem in my head,
But now I'm terrified.
My stomach is like lead.

What would you say to me?
And what would you then do?
Would you throw this away,
Or would our love prove true?

I am truly sorry,
But I just had to see.
Is true love just a hoax,
Or did you really want me?

If its complicated,
I'll always be right here.
I'm willing to listen,
Because its you I held so dear.

I hope that you will tell me,
About how you so feel.
Because I fell for you, Ty...
I fell head over heel.

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