Fallen Tales

Sun, 04/07/2013 - 17:35 -- NatBad


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They speak of them

From long ago, lies in tales

They reaped and sowed

To teach lessons to those who tempt

But those who bargain

Cannot be kept


The first one fell

From long ago, tumbled leagues down

Unredeemed glow

The mightiest cried and fought and wept

But the first had fallen

Fate been met


The later ones

From long ago, knew tales in lies

Reaped and sowed

Each one followed further down

None redeemed

Or ever found



very good rhyme pattern gives it a sinister feel paired with your content almost like a curse or chant from fairy tales. What inspired you to write this?


There were two things I thought of when I wrote this. The first was the religious idea of Lucifer and his followers falling from Heaven, and Michael, who in many intrepertations raised Lucifer, would have been upset to destroy and fight his brother(s). The second idea was refferring to the relationship between my brothers and myself. 

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