Fallen Grace

Fri, 04/19/2013 - 20:30 -- 25clock


United States
40° 12' 43.3188" N, 111° 37' 49.08" W

High above in fields of white,
Stands a being of pure light.
Singing notes to fill the sky,
Watching as the days pass by.
She leans down to watch the crowd,
Dirty, lying, cheap, and proud.
Teaching them from high above,
Was no way to show them love.
So she climbs down to the earth,
An angel from mortal birth.
Amnesia hides her true past,
Mortal life is hers at last.
As she grows she shows all love,
Shares the secrets from above.
Though she tries to help them all,
They reject her til she falls.
Feathers fall from unseen wings,
Holiness flees the being.
Far below in caverns dark,
Sits a small and broken heart.


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