Fallen Angels

I hear gunshots, people screaming and they all are running and the heaven gates have opened so the angels are coming. It all started at a party on a wonderful night, there wasn’t an argument not even a fight. Words weren’t even exchanged, he just pulled out a gun and after the shot that’s when people started to run. An innocent person’s life was taken away and in our hearts he is missed today. The way he died they just took his life, they didn’t even care so now when we turn around he’s not there. We miss him dearly, miss him in our hearts and the love that we have for him, it will never grow apart.

You wake up in the morning feeling all fine but you turn on the news seen a young man dead hoping that “he’s not mine.” They say on the news that it was a motorcycle incident and then you get all tuned in wondering who was in it. The incident involves a failed stunt and odd feet in the air so thinking realistic this news give you a scare. The death of that person was ridiculous, so weird and the thought of a motorcycle is something that will always be feared. The loss of that person is so hurtful, it brings tears to your eyes but just think real hard in off in your head that it was just his time to die.

He hangs around with friends that may have certain bad influences and it gets down to the point that he don’t know what to do with them. He would think that his friends understand the word “no” to what they about to do but then they look at him like “so you aint down with the crew?” He don’t want to take the fall or suffer the consequences, so stereotyped as a jail bird is not the same as living it. They want him to do something crucial to his life and if he makes it to the end, they will give him a lot of hype. He turns around, say no, and walks away so his friend pulls out a gun, now what to do, now what do you have to say. He stills say no and starts to run and a shot is heard, a bullet came from the gun. He gets shot but he is still running and thinks off in his head that his time is coming. He needs help from anybody, somebody that will care so he reaches home and of all the people his mom is there. He runs home and burst through the door so his mom is like what happened, why is he on the floor. She grabs her son and sees all this blood and she thinks that this is her baby, her one and only love. She starts to think of all the wonderful things that her son did and tears come to her eyes so he whispers softly “mama please, please don’t cry.” She remembers everything that they have encountered through good and bad days while she rocks back and forth as her sons’ life fades away. He watches our every move and smiles from up above looking down on us, the ones that he care about, the ones that he love.



That is a deep poem... I love it. Reminds me of my friends..

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