Fallen Angel

I once was a princess. Sweet, clean, and neat
Like a Victorian castle, so was life. I was
Too quickly those years evaporated.

First the words slipped
Like an annoying rip
In a favorite skirt. But such a nuisance could be sewn.

However as each comment grew
Heavy on the heart, it was only a few
Minutes before I found myself caved in.

Gossip triumphs over my mind.
Slowly sinking, I’m swept in silence.
They subliminally scandalize, selling lies.
It strikes.
I’m scared.

Without wane, their eyes widen when they see me
Walking past.
Cautiously, I curve a smile. Can I not show care?
Apparently not.
They attack, in their circular clans.
It burns.
I’m crying.

Disdain doesn’t even diminish my dying
Self-confidence anymore.
Recoiling rather remarkably, they are plainly writing their disgust.
It cuts.
I retreat.

They dismantle my appreciation of life.
The world’s foundation of castle-quality stone now cracks.
Temptation ticks in time.
I hopelessly wander.

Bitter resent boils blatantly,
But why bother with me?
The funny fat kid-
She’s such trash.
Stupid. Creep. Hairy. Gross.
I can’t remember the talents I’m given.
So I believe.

That’s when serpents come
To slither forth and have some fun.
At this point, I’m easily won
And I’ve been beguiled, undone.
My system breaks
My heart aches
My body…is traded
For something that I’ve longed to hear
Just the mention will heal my sores.
Please, give me love.

But snakes don’t.
Serpents slide back into their holes.
Serpents tear at my battered soul,
And laugh.
Wings I once loved are ripped.
I’ll be entrapped again,
And again, and again
Till somehow I am stripped
Of my miserable existence.

I let them. I beckon them now. They come.
Their poison drenches to numb.
I’m deprived.
I’m gradually dying.

Yet I stayed.
They were to blame. No, I was to blame.
I am a horrendous beast
And I herald
The initial lies.

Until now.
Effulgent through printed words,
Love salvaged my remains.
He advised,
“Weak and wounded
Rise again.
Run rapidly on righteous roads.
You are not a child of evil,
Neither are they. Your faults are not primeval
Find faith for your wings
Are forever under your freedom. Sing
Of your bravery,
Of your learned lessons,
Of showing redemption.
Through your fall,
Rise again to eradicate all
Erroneous envy and revenge
with elations.
Rise again to heal

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