Fallen Angel

And See That Girl?

Do you Recognize Her?

Her Simple Silhouette

Her Falling Hair

Those Same, Sad Eyes.

That Grace

That Smile

Her Way with Words.

Manipulating Them

Distorting Them as Freely as She Pleases

What Charm

What Show

What a Poor, Lost Child.

A Fallen Angel to say the least

Cast Aside

Left to Lie


Naked and Cold

Among the Decrepit

–The Ruins

Her Dirty, Tattered Wings

Her Hope and Other Useless Things

Tucked Away behind these Fading Lights

Where Bright, Gleaming Hopeful Stars did Once Shine

Filling these Vast Midnight Skies

She Bares a Scar

Along with the Fresh Ones to surely Follow

For All of the Curious Eyes and Eternity's Witnesses to see

A True Tragic Beauty, ain't She?

Pulls you In

Draws you Deep Underneath

But a Fair Warning to All—

Don't get too Close.

For She's like a Black Hole of some sort

Sucks you In

Dries you Out

Lifts you Up

And Watches you Drown

…Lets you Down

Baby, you're Better Off


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