To Fall In Love

Within our lives

We fall

In and out

Of Love

Over and over

Again and again


Yet most of us

We don't realize

What love really is

So we ask ourselves

What is Love?


Is it when

You see them

And they

Take your breath away?


When you become

So nervous 

Around them

That you

Can hardly sit still?


Maybe it's

When the butterflies

In your stomach

Keep crashing

Against their cage


Perhaps it's when

They make the world


And everything

Becomes still


Could it be

Love at first sight?

How you see them

And it's like

You just knew


Or is it that moment

When they don't

Take your breath away

But remind you

To breathe instead


When you're

Relaxed and tranquil

Around them

And the world

Seems at peace


Maybe it's when

Those butterflies

Within your ribcage

Lightly brush their wings

Against the bone

That contains them

Whenever they

Hold your hand


Or perhaps

It's when

Your whole world

Seems to have finally

Been set in motion


Or could it be

That at first

You didn't even

Notice them

But the more 

You got to know them

The more you loved them


There's always those

Lucky few

Who fall in love

But they fall

For their souls

And not their bodies


That's when you know

They're the one you love

Because you're not

Going to die for them

But rather

Live for them instead



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