The Fall of Icarus

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 02:51 -- Hongxi

Trapped in a world in which I can not fly,

I struggle through the endless barriers that keep me here.

I fight and scream, but to no avail,

For my wings are clipped and bind.

Sapphires stream down my cheek,

As I yell and curse to the impassive sky.

I blame myself, my useless and incompetent self.

As I sit there immobile, within my own shell,

I look up towards the starry night sky,

That once promised me adventure and life.


If I had the power to fly, I would fly higher than the sky,

To the places of the world that man had never seen before.

Adventure lies awake and before my eyes;

Yet my pitiful and useless self can not grasp that - oh so - fleeting dream.


If I had the power to fly, no one would be able to stop me.

Faster than the wind and sound I'd go,

To the places that myths never told.

The barriers? They could not stop me,

For I'd break through them like nothing.


If I had the power to fly, nothing could stop me.

Higher and faster I’d go!..

But alas, dreams end, and like Icarus who was burned by the sun,

I, too, had fallen into the deep deaths of the ocean floor.

I, who had but only a simple dream,

was crushed by the world and its cruel laws...

Yet, I continue to dream.




Wonderful. I can relate to what you write about because I experience this way to often.

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