The Fall


United States
42° 32' 29.4684" N, 83° 18' 14.7816" W

He is being consumed by fire
It is his decision to complete the fall
Determined good or evil by choice
His strength is in his willful power
He must go
Out into the open

Heaven and hell are left open
One made of air, one of fire
Where to go
Everything will be lost if he continues his fall
Some say evil holds the power
But it is really his choice

It is the most importance choice
He must fly to which he sees open
Some say good holds the power
That the light has its own fire
But heaven has its own fall
They can tell you to go

So where to go
How is it a choice
When he is scared to fall
Out into the unknown open
To be consumed by either fire
He must control this power

Decisions are made from pure power
We decide where to go
We decide which fire
It’s our choice
To flee into the open
To fall

So let yourself fall
Release your inner power
Be open
Pick where you want to go
It’s your choice
Only beware of which fire

The fall was easy; the struggle was in where to go
He took his power and made his choice
Out into the open fire


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