The Fall

A lot of the things have been giving me stress
From school to family to admissions tests
It is so hard to live up to expectations that people have set for me
The scariest thing is letting them down
As you fall to the ground
Flat on your face
But I guess we have to take risks right?
But me, I’m too afraid
I’m trying to be the best instead of focusing on being the best that I can be
I know I’m not some Harvard scholar
But I want to be something in this world and make it
Doesn’t everyone?
But there is so much pressure on my chest
I have to work hard to support my family
There is not enough time to rest
Or time to do everything that needs to be done
Sometimes I will run out of time
And fall and make contact with the pavement
Maybe I need that to reawaken myself
So I can do better next time
But the pain of falling and failing is what scares me the most
But the pain of regret is more painful the pain of falling
If I don’t take that first step
That first step into the real world
I am at loss
All I need is that one push
To push me over the edge
So that I may dive into my future


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