To Fall

Love is a dangerous fragment of our broken world

Yet I crave to feel it.

I was told love was the equivalent to waking up on a foggy morning

In a room that is your heart

The sun’s rays somehow sneaking through

It gently caresses your face

As the birds softly sit outside your window

Knowing it is too early to wake you

Love is a calming piece that warms your very soul.

But I know love is also pain, pain I am afraid to feel.

The sun’s rays can disappear at any moment

The bed is rocked violently in an ocean

And the waves crash against your window,

Threatening to shatter the glass

You are desperate to be set free from your heart

Then it all goes still

Suddenly it’s empty and you are in too much shock to feel

Love brings out strength you didn’t know you had

I don’t think I’m ready to be strong

So I will lie here in my bed, eyes wide open

And I won’t fall asleep so I can’t wake up

To the birds outside my window

And the gentle sun greeting me

I will lie in this eternal darkness

Until I am ready to be strong enough to fall in love

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