the fall

busted up knees from falling out of trees has a simple remedy, bandages, antibacterial, and repeat until the wound has healed but there are no bandages for the way i have fallen, it was far too high up for me to have survived but somehow i am here, the antibacterial lovers have not erased you from my memory, someone told me to try a different brand but i still see your finger tips on every hand, your eyes on every face, i have repeated, a new brand of antibacterial, it's called Jack Daniels and it seems to cleanse my wounds but every time i check to see if you're gone, healed, i get a reminder that bandages do not work on vital organs, do not work on nerves in my brain that constantly remind me that you are the longest, hardest fall i have ever taken, repeat repeat repeat, the last step or maybe not, maybe the last step is the very last time you check the bandage to see if the wound is healed, the last time I check my contacts to make sure your number is still there, the last time i write about you, that is the last step, and that is healed.



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