Faking Life

Faking life

is all I do

is all they do

for fake is true

they entrap the weak

and rape the poor

all so they can score their whore

the slime and filth

their dirty green

their scum and muck

their corporate greed

they "educate"


And never seem to obligate

to what is true and right

but who can set a moral

when everyone is different

and fish are bleaching coral...

They waste

their wasteland


their graceland

And burn their memories of anything

all so they can recreate 

the hate

they seek to etch upon

the slate


in bloody cursive

But they can't see

what can't be revers-ed

and so today

becomes tomorrow

and what is left but

wistful sorrow

the pangs of grief 


in chains

shackles on their

beaten brains

Their souls are stained

with angst and pain

And from the dark

they can't refrain

Refusing what was never there 

what was a front?

What was a dare...

And indignantly


looming there

the omnisicient


whom they revere

and fear

he leers

and holds their terror




he does not shed a bleeding tear

for whispers to the 


their souls he will deprave

of everything that saves:

and slaves


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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