fake peace



a lot’s been going on for the longest amount of time,

but if i were to be honest with myself

for just a moment,

just a second,

i could admit that in fact i did not.

get over it,

nor forgive them,

nor find happiness in my present situation.

it’s often those that you least expect, that you cherish the most,

but at the same times the ones you hope to least expect, that hurt you the most.

but like with other stories,

ones that i’ve narrated,

i can’t blame you.

you told me your flaws,

you exposed your faults,

but may i say you never told me them ?

i value communication.

it wasn’t communicated to me the beast that lived inside of you.

like age doesn’t come with maturity, common sense isn’t sense to me.

i find good in bad, forever.

until i think you were the last straw.

and i find myself getting bored now.

not looking for anything in particular, 

but looking for everything, though i know i can’t replace you, i’ve found you.

in a sense, but this sense doesn’t talk to me much.

and the sense i get always falls apart but i’m trying to change.

i found myself coming back to you today.

did you plan this ?

i know my worth.

at least i know my beauty.

i think i’m still searching for my price,

though im priceless.

and a queen should know,

a true queen should know first thing first is independence.

maybe thats why he still calls me princess.


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