Fake or Fate

Fake Or Fate?

Dear White People, Dear White People,

Dear White People

It seems we are not the same

See you’re rich and I'm poor

But let me just express this from my brain

While you’re formal, I'm not

I call out upper class, that been neglecting us for so long

I came from the streets and it still feels cold

Allow me to speak in a way you may know

I've been objectified to not have shit

Oh my bad worthless

See I'm apathetic for ones who aren't humble

You might call me derogatory or curt

But I've been waiting to show my worth

See I'm Obsessed with money

I don't wish to be rich, rather wealthy

The hunger been making me die of starvation

Mentally my mind just been contemplatin’

I wanna leave this earth with notoriety

And if you want beef, man that's all I eat

On these streets there's plenty obituary

But do y'all care?

Cuz nobody ain't stop when my papa laid out

By the bullets of what you made us

We got that liquor store around that corner that can make us hate each other

Wear flags and see what we repping

Sneak up with that ammunition


There goes another lost soul

From slums where we don't look for hope

Steady looking for our fathers but that seem forgot about us

But I mean it's habitually

Ooo my stomach! It sickens me

Of how many lives we lost

From our own shots and the police

I don't think this world was built for peace

Why it's so cold?

Wait it's my H.E.A.R.T

I'm a dog so you view me as dogmatic

If Donald Trump died ,hmmm wouldn't that be tragic?

I'm emotionless...at times

But right now I'm ebullient

while I keep coming up with these rhymes

Oh you think I'm frivolous?

Not likely I'm serious all the time

I stay optimistic

Knowing one day I'm gonna get it

Most times reminiscent

Of that pain and suffering my mom had to deal with

While subdued by your fantasy

Get back to reality

This world is a speck of spit that gets stomped on every single day

I'm remember my hunger constantly!

So I fight for what's mines constantly!

I challenge my state of mind constantly!

So where you set me at?

is it my fake or my Fate...


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