Fake news, journalism, and trump oh my!

To all the working people.. 


Everyday, I notice bad news blaring everywhere I go. I hear people complaining about the poor “mooching off” the government. I see hurricane disasters, but the president doesn’t seem to care about the Puerto Rican citizens. I see some good happening, but the media won’t tell the audience how or where to get involved. Everything in our country has a price tag on it, and in order to get more views, a lot of journalists censor their stories. But I don’t want to be that kind of journalist. The problem is that less people care and everyone relies on themselves. During my first semester of college, I was learning about implicit argument. I love to write, but I was struggling with the concept of relating to a person and convincing them to care - to change their minds. Even if I was able to force these people, it wouldn’t be the same as genuine caring. Every person has something unique about them, and using those specific different skills could be key in creating their own sense of a vision or purpose. As an aspiring future journalist, learning about these different writing techniques can help me tackle a big problem in America: teaching people to care again, and to be kind and selfless.. for free. In order to start working on our big problems like superfund sites, poverty, lack of sustainability, corruption, prejudice, -- we must get people to care and carry their own desired weight. Scientists, engineers, artists, journalists, salesmen -- we can carve our own journey of making the world a better place. Scientists can use their visions to create things, to help people. Engineers can not only solve problems using their skills, but they can create beautiful things that makes life easier for everybody. Artists can create a meaningful masterpiece that gives an important message and raises awareness - it could even help be the start of a movement. Even salesman can sell sustainability or support diverse businesses. Anyone in any career can help in any way. There’s many options; like donating to a fundraiser, hurricane relief volunteer work, voting, investing in renewable energy, peaceful protesting, or even trying to make people care. Along with perfecting implicit argument, I can learn how to make people sense these connections -- and let people know not one single person can solve every problem America has. To let these people know, that power is in the individual but companies like exxon should be held responsible for anything unjust. And if individuals connect their powers with other people, there is a chance that change can happen. I can also learn how to advocate for all people, and provide a solution - telling my viewers how and where to help. With this new journalism knowledge and technical skill, I will be able to rebel against traditional censored journalism. I will be able to rebel against clickbait and fake news - and so much more. Most importantly, I’ll be able to use my education to make a difference in the world.


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