Fake love

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 20:41 -- keairoh


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Goodbye with no words i was crushed and expand with unspoken reasons. darkness filled as I sit and lye. a run on sentence but never told why. a predict and subject which made us complete.cashed my feelings in with a printed out recipt.refunding a heart that was never for sale.an unfunction body that wont exhale.but beats with the love of your touch. and yarns for attention. but another girl you didnt mention or at me or tage me. but drag me in a puddle of depress. should i or why should i express. Im fighting unmutal feelings that mentally controlling my heart but physically hurting it. you can thank me later or should i thank you now. beacuse the show is over you may take a bow.close the curtains and hang up the act.beacuse there's no more taking you back.
It was only FAKE LOVE.

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a poem wriiten about my past love life

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