Faith II


although was light,

i sat in my room, listening

as faith fluttered at my feet.

His eyes opened.

tattered curtains captured the sunlight;

the floor boards creaked with dark tones.


then He came to me, the sad-eyed man

with hands as cold as the night

and eyes as dark as the moon’s shadow.

He brought with Him ice.

i sat on the bed,


darkness ran about the room;

ice scattered about the floor.

“Can you hear me yet?” He asked.

i was silent, once more.

He smiled,


He sang loudly with

a sweet sound and a twisted face.

“Oh, I’ll be back.”

and then it came, maddening like volcanoes

of hot lava at night,


and gone. i held my heart with

clothes gone

He left behind, there on

the side of that abyss.


light slept like a ball of flames

in my heart.


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