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When mom and dad were young, she had a fit

So my dad made like a banana and split

As an infant, my mom gave me his outfit

18 years later I've out grown it

the games of my childhood

come into play during adulthood, playing manopoly 

where the object of the game is to get money

Until I end up in the jail of the county

Or dead by the hands of those dudes who glock ready

Doing a drive-by, holding the Tech 9 steady

If you survive become a rapper It will make a hell of a story

I could have been a surgeon

but I couldn't pay my tuiton 

and I want to keep believing

but it feels like I'm loosing touch with my religion

The only thing that makes me the destruction of madness

The creator of happiness and sadness

making homies but never enemies

because I want everybody

Including my haters to love me

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This poem reflects my struggle of trying to pursue a college education in a world where the easiest thing to do is to give in to the temptations around us.

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