So I fill up my glass
The minute you past me
I knew we would make history
But the future is a mystery

On the marching drums
I don't judge a girl by her jugs
Tired of a girl who wants to touch
And I'm tired of a girl who doesn't care that much

You know how to please a man
You do everything that you can
Then you go around now
Make my head spin
You're my medicine

You got your arms around me
I'm not thinking about me only you
Cause you are my everything
I can't go without you for several days

Now baby girl trust me that I know
What you're looking for is something you show
You want me to be closing the door
Then drop it to the dance floor

Never forgoten I just want to let you know
I am with you when you're at your highest low
Now you're blushing cause I'm on a solo
Live life to the fullest that's YOLO


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