This is the time when there is no place for rationalizing and in substitution comes faith and hope. Emotions  which rationalization cannot come to understand and therefore its existence ceases. It is defined as an inexplicable and therefore an  illogical concept according to the laws of human intelligence. Man isn't used to this unsubstantial form of trust yet they all in some way cling to it for comfort; it produces a sense of awe, but if these are not subjugated to a lifelong practice and communion strings of attachment are loosened by gravity ceaselessly  pulling on us to the centre. Those who posses this characteristic are resistant to bend into the wishes of force of coercion; it is not by their own will though; it is by the blood of an innocent man; by the blood of the Son who's Father gave up to pay the price the law demanded; it is by the spirt whom He left to guide us that they can survive and it is the shield with which mankind can quench all the fiery darts of the persecutor 


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