Fairy Tale

Open the eyes

the person looked into the...void,

which it was glowing brightly against the earth.

Why the brightest light on earth or was it not?

The person looked deeper into it.

He or she couldn't figure it out just yet.

Whatever that was in front of his or her eyes, it would be...

Not so great ending...


Closed eyes

the person shook, where he or she was feeling uncomfortable

like... someone was there.

But how?

He or she heard the chuckle and the movement of something...

or somewhat harrassing?


Eyes opened this time

he or she found an unexpected visitor in the bedroom

Not good.

Someone just staring into his or her eyes.

What a beautiful sight of being? he thought or someone thought.

And he smiled while the person looked away to the glowing thing on the horizon.


The bad ending...

This poem is about: 
My community



The character either a male or a female, age unknown, found the glowing thing was not the hopeful moment to look at,

rather found a consequence for coming towards it. The character was looking at 

the imaginative side way too long, so the glowing thing was the reality that hit

the character's brain to be real. Similar to Connie the character was meeting the

guy, who had weird outfits and wig was driving a car with his friend parked outside

of her house. The guy was her enemy or the reality that she cannot see throughout

her life, but it was there in front of her eyes expressing "you cannot run, you

cannot hide, face me". 

     Fairy tale always have a happy ending. In this story, that was not the case,

it appeared that the character was having the worst moments for the first time

in the eyes of a stranger or the man. When reading the before comments, that 

would add up to the meaning of being stuck and cannot run from the result in



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