Fairy Godmother's Right

It isn’t fair I tell you!!! All I wanted was for my boy to marry the girl of his dreams, it was his right!!! He just needed some more time… Who would have thought that lazy ogre was going to outsmart the dragon and steal Princess Fiona from my son, Prince Charming? Is it my fault to care for my son? I am the Fair Godmother after all, where is my happy ending. My happy ending is when my only son is happy, it that too much to ask. I am not a bad person, I only wanted to show that big green ogre, Shrek, his place in Far Far Away. All day I work to make everyone happy, the king and his deep dark secret, the people of the kingdom and all their wants. My son deserves Fiona and nothing will stop me from making his dream come true. He is my favorite son after all!


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