What is failure?
Is failure missing the FCAT by four points simply because you didn't study hard enough?
Is failure not getting accepted in any of your top three colleges?
Is sitting at home without a job because you didn't complete high school failure?
Or is it giving up? Is that failure?
Is failure getting up early every morning wanting to learn but not being able to because you are diagnosed with Dyslexia?
Is failure getting picked on everyday at school because you stand out?
Failing classes or acting like a class crown everyday at school, getting in trouble or being labeled wrong because of the company you keep, not wanting to do anything to your full potential because of the voices in your head, sucking at every sport you make an attempt to play, noting in at high schook or any place else, are those failure?
Is failing a lesson taught by success?
Or is failing a lesson taught by failing?
What is failure?


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