F is to fall, straight into a vortex

A is for the grade that I might not get

I is to think about where I wanted to be

L is like you were too lazy

U is to the unknown and underestimated

R is to run, run far away

E is for my name

Failure is my fear, I think of it day and night

But my fear is what pushes me

To become better than what I believe

I continue to strive everyday

No matter what others may say

I can push the boundaries and overcome


O is to open my mind

V is for becoming victorious

E is to embrace my failings

R is to run, run straight into it

C is my confidence

O is the obstacles I broke through

M is for the motivation that keeps pushing me forward

E is also for my name

Failure is a part of me and my mistakes

To overcome is to become something great


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